How to Build Backlinks for a New Website

Today, I’m going to teach you how to build backlinks for a new website.

If you build the right backlinks, your website will get the initial boost it needs to start ranking.

It’s important to build these backlinks for a new website:

– Social Media Profiles + Social Signals
– Business Directory Citations
– Google My Business
– Wikipedia Links
– Guest Posts


People don’t build some (or all) of these backlinks.

Don’t worry. I’ll teach you how to build each of these.

Here’s how:

Social Media Profiles + Social Signals

You want to create social media profiles on the following platforms:

– Facebook Page
– Pinterest
– Gravatar
– Youtube
– Tumblr
– Twitter
– Reddit

Once you’ve created these, you will want to use IFTTT to automatically share your content across these platforms.

Having these profiles separate you from low-quality niche sites and build trust.

These can then be used to generate social signals.

Social signals are the human interaction and engagement with social media posts. Social signals include: Facebook likes, comments, and shares. Twitter likes, retweets, quotes, and conversations. Etc.

We get our social signals from Signal Boy.

Business Directory Citations

Business Directory Citations are another type of backlink that’s great for new websites.

Citations usually used for trying to rank local sites. But we can use them for niche sites as well to establish trust.

Citations are great for:

– Pillowing anchor text
– Country-relevance
– Link Diversity
– Trust

We get all our citations from SEO Builder. They’re very affordable.

Google My Business

Google My Business (also known as GMB) is a way to verify your business location with Google and get in Google Maps.

Having a verified GMB for niche sites generates a really strong trust signal.

It gives you an edge over low-quality niche sites.

Wikipedia Links

Did you know that links from “Trusted Seed Sites” (like Wikipedia) pass more link juice?

Google updated its original PageRank patent, incorporating trust using seed sites.

That’s why we always build Wikipedia links for our new websites.

For Wikipedia links, we use WikiWookiee.

Guest Posts

Lastly, we build guest posts.

Guest posts are the best backlinks. They’re relatively easy to get. And they’re great for passing relevance, trust, and power.

Because we build so many guest posts, we actually have an in-house team of outreach specialists.

But if you were to buy guest posts, I recommend Authority Builders.

Now that you know how to build backlinks for a new website, you’re one step closer to building that $10k/mo niche site.

Stay tuned because next week, I will teach you how to build POWERFUL backlinks at scale.

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