The PERFECT Niche Website Setup (PART 2)

Today, I will teach you how to design the PERFECT niche website.

I will show you how we design our homepages.

And share the templates we use for our niche sites:

  • Round-up Review Template
  • Single Product Review Template

These are all tried and tested and optimized for UX (user experience) and CRO (conversion rate optimization).

UX and CRO are essential if you want to maximize profitability.


99% of the niche sites I see look terrible.

They use outdated and unattractive designs.

If you’re building a real brand, you need to look the part.

Lucky for you, I will share our designs and templates so you can use them for your niche sites.

Here they are:

Homepage Design

No offense to whoever owns this site, but this is an example of what most niche sites look like:

Do you see the problem here?

It’s easy to understand why most of them fail.

If your site looks like this, you will not succeed.

This is what the ideal homepage design looks like:

Can you see the difference?

This design helps users navigate your website.

It also just looks so much better, doesn’t it?

It looks like a real and trustworthy brand that cares about its customers.

Round-up Review Template

Now, let’s take a look at the round-up review.

This is the template we use:

Ever since we switched to this template, we’ve drastically improved our time-on-page and conversion rates.

Here are some things you want to take note of:

  • Always start with a good intro
  • Feature the best 3 products at the top of your round-up reviews
  • Use labels like “Best Overall”, “Runner-up”, “Best Budget”, etc.
  • Never Show Prices (Significantly increases CTR)
  • We’ve found the best CTA anchor text to be: “Check Price”
  • Use bright colors that stand out against the background for CTAs (red)
  • Do not use the color red for your “Cons” if you are using it for your CTA
  • Always have a product box featuring the best overall product in the conclusion
  • It is okay to have a comments section if it is common in your niche

Single Product Review Template

Lastly, this is the template we use for single product reviews:

It’s like the round-up review template, except we have a huge product box at the top of the page.

We’ve increased conversion rates by over 50% just by incorporating this product box!

That’s it!

I hope these were helpful and give you inspiration for your niche sites.

Now that you know how to build and design the PERFECT niche website, you’re ready to move on to content creation.

Next week, I’ll teach you how to generate an accurate and complete topical map.

It’s keyword research on steroids. So stay tuned!

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